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The ILM Advanced Course is the second year in the biennial program for the certification of practitioners. The course deals with the deepening and expansion of the therapeutic technique. In addition, the participants are exposed and experience specializations that emerge like branches from the Ilan Lev Method 'tree'. For example, in additional modules, knowledge of the energetic component, extensions division, therapeutic meditation, treatment of musicians, improving vision and understanding the method - the theoretical background and more.

By the end of the first year, the student is already licensed to treat, and the certificate is valid for two years from the end of the course. Only after completing the Advanced Course (obtaining a certificate and completing the internship), the student is certified as an ILM Practitioner.


Upon completion of the required, the practitioners join the ILM Members' Circle of the Method, which provides practitioners a constant and ongoing dialogue over time, and provides one another with a supportive environment. The ILM Members' Circle offers activities and workshops, related to deepening the technique, and exposure to specific specializations. The practitioner must keep up to date with the new developments of the Method, for him or herself and for clientele.

ILM Advanced Course

Course Number 6


Course Begins: October 6, 2021
Course Ends: July 2, 2022
Time: Wednesdays | 12:00-17:00

Location: Gershon Shatz St 41 | Tel Aviv, Israel


Additional lectures on Fridays and more information will be announced shortly.

Tuition Fee: 12,200 ILS

Registration Fee: 1,200 ILS (part of the tuition fee)

** The registration fee guarantees your spot in the upcoming course.

The ILM Advanced Course is a part of the biannual training program and also for students who've completed the most recent courses in Amsterdam and Poland and is also suitable for all other ILM Practitioners.  The course will take place in Israel.

For additional information and questions:

Shir Gartsi


Tel: +972-52-600-0946

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