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ILM Basic Course

Part I of Practitioners' Training Course


The ILM Basic Course is an annual course, providing an initial introduction to the method.

The Course teaches the basic principles of the language of the Ilan Lev Method. It includes movement lessons on a mattress, as well as touch therapy in pairs on a treatment table.

The Course is divided into four sections, according to 4 separate modules; Back Module, Side Module, Seating Module, and lastly a Stomach Module.  The Modules are arranged according to body position, in accordance with the patient positioning during treatment. In the first module, the patient lies on his/her back, in the second module he/she curls upon his/her side, in the third module the patient sits on the bed, and in the fourth module, the patient lies on his/stomach.


A module is arranged in pre-determined therapeutic actions, that are learned to give the Practitioner a “playground” to search through. Through this, the practitioner moves the patient from anywhere in the body, and in every possible direction, through which itself speaks with the whole system, the patient's body, the practitioner's body, and the whole of creation.

During the course, students are taught the places and directions in the body through which the patient is moved lightly, with great attention, and in ways of 'games' and stimulation. All this is done in order to clarify the body's condition, and to flood it with the proper knowledge, inherent in its being, for its use.

The basic course includes the following sessions throughout the course of the year:

- Opening the day with "Quickies" - Short-term treatments; a quick and refreshing run on the treatment done in a few minutes.

- Movement Classes using the Ilan Lev Method which is usually done lying on a mattress


- Learning the treatment technique through modules and segments is done on a treatment table.

The course is intended for anyone who is interested in helping others and going through a significant process of personal development. It is also intended for anyone who is intrigued and wants to improve abilities and develop his or her self-awareness. In our opinion, all the knowledge needed is already inside of you, by definition, and there is no need for anything more. Our job is to challenge the knowledge within you, stimulate it and bring it to the surface; nothing more.

ILM Practitioner Certification Program

Israeli Course Number 16 | Biannual


Course Begins: October 2021
Course Ends: June 2022

Time: Thursday | 12:00-17:30 Israel Time

Location: Gershon Shatz 41 | Floor 1 | Tel Aviv


Tuition Fee: 13,500 ILS

Registration Fee: 1,000 ILS (part of the tuition fee)

** The registration fee guarantees your spot in the upcoming course.

Additional Sessions on Fridays consisting of ILM Movement Classes, Anatomy, and Pathology, Insight, and ILM Theory by Ilan Lev.

**Upon completion of the ILM Basic Course, a temporary practitioner certificate will be given and graduates will be allowed to begin working as ILM Practitioners.

**The ILM Movement Instructor's Course is a part of the first year and more information will be announced shortly.  A teaching diploma for the ILM Movement Instructor's Course will be given at the end of the course.

This course is being managed by the ILM Israel School and is being led by Yaniv Minzter. For more information and registration, please contact:

Gaya Lindemann

E-mail | Tel

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