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Inviting you to join us for the upcoming FREE introductory sessions online and in-person where you can learn about the Ilan Lev Method first-hand!

The Ilan Lev Method (ILM) is a therapy based on touch in which we use movement and sound as our tools to communicate with the vibrational energy inside us.

The method works on improving human capability, relieving aches, pains, and stress. It also helps improve functional difficulties and body circulation.

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"The ILM Basic Course was a life-changing experience beyond all my expectations.

After a while, you notice that the course is simply the best day of the week and the best year in life.


Anyone who thinks that this course might be for him or her is absolutely correct!"

Yonatan Levital

ILM Practitioner

Yonatan Levital - Ilan Lev Method.jpeg

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