Ray Trainin

Ray Trainin

ריי טרינין

Israel, abroad





North, Europe


North, Europe


Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish


Graduated Basic Course Number 11 - 2017
Graduated Advanced Course Number 2

Optional Discounted Treatments Up To An Hour

"Throughout my life, movement has been a central channel for inquiry, learning, expression, and presence.
From a very young age, I swam and danced and later on, I practiced yoga for many years with the best teachers in the country and even completed a teachers course in India.
Towards the age of 40, I was injured and for the first time in my life, I couldn't move. The body came to a complete stop and I had to rethink what motion is, what is right for the body and how to proceed from here.
My personal quest for recovery has led me to two methods, which became great loves in my life - through which I study movement, move and motivate people:

- The Ilan Lev Method - for treating the body ilanlev.org
- The Gyrotonic Method - of workout gyrotonic.com

Both methods deal with improving human movement capabilities, increasing range of movement, removing obstacles, and re-examining the boundaries we have become habituated with."