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The Ilan Lev Method

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The Ilan Lev Method

The Ilan Lev Method (ILM) is a therapy based on touch in which we use movement and sound as our tools to communicate with the vibrational energy inside us.

The method works on improving human capability, relieving aches, pains, and stress. It also helps improve functional difficulties and body circulation.


Information is transferred through the nervous system directly into the sensory part of the brain beyond the cognitive aspect so that new openings and possibilities can be found and registered.  This creates a deep learning process.


The Ilan Lev Method works with a strong connection between body and mind.  Our unresolved emotional history is strongly correlated with blockages in the physical body.  Therefore the method doesn't only treat motor dysfunction and issues concerning physical disabilities but also works on a psychological dimension.

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"The Ilan Lev Method comes with positive energy and a sense of joy, it can help quicker recovery from 'fresh' injuries as well as heal 'old' ones...The treatment enriched me, cured me, and inspired me." 

— Ohad Naharin, Choreographer

Batsheva Dance Company

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